Friday, May 18, 2012

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We have some interesting tidbits of information about knives. Just as a reminder, all our products, KuttO, Modern Roofer, ScrapO and SnippO are sold with quantity price break discounts. Our replacement blades are also sold with quantity price break discounts. 

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Man's First Knife
This object is a photo of what is suggested to be one of the first knives known to man.

It was found in Blombos Cave, South Africa and made from pressure flaked silcrete estimated to be 37,000 years old.

The founder of Modern Specialties August J Lurie of Chicago, Illinois, patented on 1/16/1940, Patent # 2,187,590 a knife invention which is of various forms and consists of two complimentory halves that are secured together and hence, the modern utility knives and the box cutters of todays age and of tomorrow. 

Knife Safety
Worlds Safest Knife
Pictured here is the worlds safest knife, safe for kids and clumsy people alike. Although this looks like a great idea, don't expect to cut through anything with this knife other than a little bit of dust or cobwebs.
I believe that the most important part of knife safety is training and coaching. Please follow this link to our KuttO box cutter safety instructions and follow this link to our Modern Roofer and utility knife safety .
The new designs and gadgets developed to make knives perfectly injury free also seem to be a great idea, but are they really injury free, and do they cause other problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome?   

Do these knives allow for efficient user operation, do they last long and are they heavy duty? 

How expensive are they to buy and are they made overseas, possibly exporting our wealth
and jobs?
These are all important questions when considering the purchase of a safety knife.   Our KuttO knives are safe, efficient to use, heavy duty, made in a Veteran owned small business in Chicago Illinois, USA, and have a life time guarentee.  

Click here for more information about our KuttO knives

Modern's App
Modern's New App

We are working to get our new App on iTunes, but in the meantime you can simply go to this link on your iPhone and go to this link on your iPad to enjoy our new App. Add the icon to your home screen as instructed. There are various blogs, easily connect by emailing us directly with the App, view our videos, check out our safety instructions and call us directly from your iPhone using the App.

The Apps may even work on other smart phones and tablets. I hope they do. Feel free to let me know.

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