Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not all blades are the same

Our blades are made of steel having a higher carbon content than others that makes them longer lasting and sharper, and feature a unique cut, which out performs the knockoffs. Remember not all blades are the same.


Make sure your knife says "Modern Roofer®" for safety and beware of knock-offs.
Whenever you see a knife for sale that looks like the Modern Roofer®, but without a blade in the end, look out because it is an unsafe counterfeit knife! These knives are even distributed by one company and private labeled for others.

Similarly, the handles of the painted, (often yellow), knockoffs also do not fit together, allowing blades stored in the handle to slip out or the end blade to rotate and cut the user. Both of these types of knockoff knives are poorly made, over priced, and dangerous to use.

About the Modern Roofer® Knife

The Modern Roofer® is very versatile and will accomodate all Modern replacement blades. It is constructed of heavy gauge zinc plated steel to prevent corrosion.
The Modern Roofer® Knife and U-102® blade were invented and patented in 1939 by the founder of the Modern Specialties Company. The original specifications are still in use today.