Friday, May 18, 2012

The KuttO Line and Some History

The KuttO Line And Some History:

I thought that it would be interesting to tell you some history behind our products and introducing you to a couple of our most unique KuttO items.

We were one of the first companies to develop, patent and produce innovative safety carton openers.

The KuttOs were designed, not only with safety in mind but with a heavy duty design and quality USA manufacturing.

They are still manufactured here in Chicago, Illinois USA, by hard working employees.

Our first factory was on Ogden Avenue and we moved to our present location, on Lake Street, in the early 1980's.

The original owner of Modern Specialties developed the KuttO products in the 1930's and continued to innovate and patent them through the 1960's. Our original Modern Roofer knives were also covered under some of those patents.

Find out more information and look at the KuttO products on our website by following this link "click here"

The KuttO Tray Pack Tray Maker Cutter:
The KuttO Tray Maker actually consists of a KuttO Master Box cutter with special guides fitted to it in order to enable the knife to cut around the top and the bottom of a carton.

The top lid of the carton is cut and lifted off and becomes a tray. The center ring of the carton is squeezed around the top layer of merchandise and dropped in the top lid tray that was removed first, creating two trays for display.

The KuttO Aluminum:
The KuttO Aluminum cutters were designed to be a low priced version of the KuttO Master, having the same features of the KuttO family with their retractable blades and being very light and easy to handle.

The KuttO Aluminum cutters come with a safety guard or without one.
Over the years, the price of aluminum has increased the cost more than what was intended or expected.

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