Tuesday, March 11, 2014

General Knife Safety

General Knife Safety

We Encourage Safe Use of Our Products

Here are some simple tips on using our products in a safe and productive manner:

Make sure that the blade is properly seated and that the knife is properly tightened.

Cut away from your body, not toward it.

Keep your free hand away from the line of cutting.

Use your knife in well lighted areas.

Never run with a knife or point it towards anybody.

Don't use knives for prying something.  It could cause the blade to break, possibly causing an injury.

Do not use knives if your are drowsy because of medication or other reasons.

Always pull the knife.  A pulling motion is stronger than a pushing motion and your knife is less likely to slip

When using a knife to cut through thick materials, make several passes, cutting deeper with each pass.

Avoid bending blades and applying side loads to them.  You can damage the knife and or the blade.

Retract the blade when not in use and store the knife in a safe place.

KuttO Box Cutter Safety

100% Accident Reduction

Our KuttO knives have safety guards that enable the blade to be extended safely without subjecting users to thumb strain and wrist pain cause by other safety type knives that are heavy weight and contain spring loaded retracting blades.

Our Utility knives are made out of heavy duty steel and come will a lifetime guarantee. Knives made out of plastic are likely to break and zinc cast knives are heavy compared to our special design.

"We partner with our customers and our vendors to deliver great quality products as the result of decades of manufacturing experience"

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