Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wouldn't you want to reduce your cut injury accidents by 100% and also have a knife with a lifetime guarantee? 
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Wouldn't you want to reduce cut injury accidents by 100%?
How about a knife with a lifetime guarantee?

Training and Knife Safety
Training and safety go hand in hand

Training is the key to preventing accidents. Most cut injury accidents can be preventing by applying these safety rules when using a utility knife.
Always inspect the knife before use.
Draw the knife away from your body when cutting.
Don't work with a dull blade. Dull blades require more pressure increasing the possibility for injury.
Don't overload the knife's work load capacity.
Don't store the knife with the blade extended.
Always wear protective equipment.
Our KuttO knives have safety guards that enable the blade to be extended safely without subjecting users to thumb strain and wrist pain cause by other safety type knives that are heavy weight and contain spring loaded retracting blades.
Our Utility knives are made out of heavy duty steel and come will a lifetime guarantee. Knives made out of plastic are likely to break and zinc cast knives are heavy compared to our special design.

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