Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Product Available at Modern Specialties. Notched U102 Blade.

The U102-5U bowtie shaped utility blade is now available.

The U102-5U blade fits in all Modern Specialties knife handles as well as some select utility knives such as our MS100 knife and others.  The blade has two cut outs on both the top and the bottom so that it can be rotated in four directions and fit in multiple utility knives.

The pricing is the same as our regular U102 blades which we offer in both plastic safety packs and red paper packs.

Call 1-800-648-5801 for more information.

The U102-5U Blade Fits in Utility Knives

Our new utility blade fits multiple utility knives.  The utility blade is specially adapted so that all possible four ends of the cutting surface can be utilized for heavy duty and difficult cutting.  The hole and slot combination gives the user the advantage of being able to fit in some other types of utility knives.  The blade may not fit in every style of utility knife.

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